Private Money Mortgage Training

Gain access to hundreds of private money lenders and a direct path to operating a turn-key commercial mortgage business.

  • Learn How-to Underwrite, Process, and Place Commercial Loans

  • In Depth Training on Sourcing Investor Leads & Selling Hard-Money Products

  • Turn-Key Private Money Lender List, Processing, & Servicing Partners

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Turn-Key Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

    1. Purpose & Outcomes

    2. Laying the Groundwork

    3. Timelines & Expectations

    1. Lender Buckets | Overview

    2. Fix-and-Flip Loans

    3. Commercial Bridge Loans

    4. Perm Loans

    5. Primary Bucket

    6. Establishing Lender Partnerships

    1. The Client Lifecycle

    2. Leads

    3. Prospects

    4. Clients

    1. Key Partners | Overview

    2. Referral Partners

    3. Processing Partners

    4. Title & Insurance Parters

    1. Set the Stage

    2. Tactics & Strategies

    3. Laws of Averages

    4. Sales Theory

    1. Key Partners Line-up

    2. Create Marketing Material

    3. Start Originating

About this course

  • 24 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content

Why take the course?

  • Residential Lending is Drying up!

    Residential MLO's are migrating to commercial lending.

  • Business Loan Brokers choose Real Estate

    Our training provides a clear path to successfully niching into commercial real estate.

  • A Turn-Key Business Model

    90% of states require NO LICENSING to broker commercial mortgages. This ease of entry has been extremely lucrative for new entrepreneurs.

MLO's, Loan Brokers, Entrepreneurs

Hear what they have to say...

“That was a SOLID course! Thanks for putting that together. It was the advice I wish I had when I first started down this journey!”

John Reid | Reid Lending | American Association of Private Lenders Member

“This course was worth every penny. Everything I learned is being incorporated into my loan brokerage. The $1,500 I paid for this course was toilet-paper compared to the amount of value I received!”

Robb Sullivan | RSV Funding | ARF Financial Partner

“This course delivered. I spent $30,000 on a different training platform prior to taking this course. Man, I wish I knew about John's accelerator beforehand. He helped me profoundly on the Mortgage side of this business. He should really be selling this course for a lot more. ”

Adrian Mathai | AMZA Captial | NACLB Member

Student Guided Learning

  • Self-Paced

    All of the trainings are pre-recorded, which means our students can go back and re-watch any part of the course at any time.

  • PowerPoint Style

    Every lesson is accompanied by a PowerPoint which allows for improved retention, easy note taking, and organization.

  • Scenario Based Training

    Learn from real-world fundings, failures, roadblocks, and breakthroughs. We train our students to find practical solutions to complex problems.